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Medics' opinions about 4Life and about transfer factor plus

Robert Robertson, MD

Dr. Robertson is a former Emergency Room Physician who partnered his futures with this company because of his excitemente about transfer factor. He received his medical degree from University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974. He served as the Director of Emergency Services at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducahm KY.

“Transfer factors are small proteins that have the ability to express cell-mediated immunity from immune donors to non-immune recipients. It's a remarkable natural product that doctors should be using and aren't. A transfer factor is a stellar polypeptide which was discovered around 59 years ago. There are scores of studies on transfer factor and its ability to boost immune function. Countless trials describe how it has been used for a whole host of problems which involve the immune system.


Dr. Duane Townsend

He was a professor at UCLA, USC, UC Davis and taught at the University of Utah. During his medical career he has introduced a number of innovative techniques which have literally changed the practice of medicine, i.e.: cryosurgery, nurse practitioners and endometrial ablation among the more notable. He has written over 100 peer review articles and co-authored the first textbook on gynecologic oncology.

“ As a medical doctor, I was already impressed with the science of transfer factors and wanted to be involved with 4Life because of their patented and proprietary processes.


. Victor Tutelian, M.D., MPH, Rusia

In addition to earning his M.D, Ph.D. and Doctorate of Medical Science, Dr. Tutelian has also achieved the rank of a Professor and has authored more than 400 scientific publications and more than 40 federal regulations. Dr. Tutelian also received the highest recognition for a Russian scientist when he was voted into the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Russia's most prestigious academy, as an Academician. He now serves as the Chief Scientific Secretary of RAMS. In this position he determines what research will be done and which projects will be government funded. Currently, Dr. Tutelian also holds the positions of Director of the RAMS Institute of Nutrition, head of the Institute's enzymology laboratory and the department of Nutrition Hygiene and Toxicology of the Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy, as well as numerous other positions on the scientific and editorial boards.

" We are just beginning to explore all of the potential of transfer factors. Neutriceuticals like TF are the wave of the future."


Dr. McCausland

With a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and having worked almost 40 years in health sciences, Dr. McCausland knows the value of rigorous testing. Since 2002 he has overseen 10 clinical trials for 4Life Transfer Factor products. He has developed more than 500 supplements in his career as an organic chemist, with many of them remaining top-selling products. A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and a certified meteorologist, Dr. McCausland was awarded the Pokrovsky Award and the Kosigin Award from the Russian Federation.

"Our company has proven itself to be a company that provides sound dietary supplements, in keeping with the latest research. This commitment to providing revolutionary natural products is one that I am excited to help develop. I am particularly struck with the potential that exists for transfer factors." 


Suzette Lawrence, CNM

. "When infants are nursed they are 17 times less likely to become seriously ill. Today we understand the science behind this dramatic display of wellness. We understand that the newborn's immune system is jump started with mom's immune history via her transfer factors. Transfer factor is our tool to jumpstart our immune systems." 
Suzette Lawrence, CNM 
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.