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4Life transfer factor Nederland.4Life transfer factor Nederland.

enummi Verfrissende Toner 4Life Persoonlijke Verzorging

enummi Refreshing Toner 4Life Personal Care U.E.

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Nourishes your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and vital moisture to bring your skin into balance and prepare it for nutrient-rich treatments.

Eerste Ondersteuning: Antioxidants, Skin

Product karakteristieken


• Fortifies skin with natural humectants to retain hydration and moisture
• Restores pH balance and clears impurities and dead skin cells from the skin
• Promotes a smooth, fresh, and radiant complexion
• Contains Transfer Factor XF


Product details

Applying toner restores skin’s proper pH, adds moisturizing ingredients, and prepares skin for target products.


Spray enummi® Refreshing Toner directly onto the face or spray on a cotton pad and gently work in small circular motions. As a refresher throughout the day, spray it lightly over the skin for added moisture and revitalization.


“I have very oily skin and before I started using enummi® Skin Care products, I couldn’t find products that would help keep my skin balanced. I cannot live without my 4Life enummi products!” 
Martha Delgado
International Diamond
Florida, USA

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Enkele Item:(4 oz) 16.50 EURO (+BTW) [19.96 EURO]



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