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About 4Life Research - the Transfer Factor Company

About 4Life Research

In 1998, 4Life® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee launched the company’s flagship wellness product, 4Life Transfer Factor®. As a company committed to quality and continued progress, 4Life’s leading group of doctors, scientists, and researchers continue to advance our product line with innovations in formulation, production standards, delivery methods, and more. Today, people in more than 50 countries enjoy the support of 4Life products.

4Life distributors around the world share the science of 4Life products, coupled with the opportunity to achieve financial success, with people who want to enjoy the benefits of a vital lifestyle and a vital income. Foundation 4Life™, the company’s distributor-driven humanitarian arm, is committed to service activities that addresses community needs wherever 4Life conducts business around the world.


4Life Research History

Ciencia-David-Lisonbee-4Life. Dueño de 4Life - Fundador

The 4Life Transfer Factor® story is a story of scientific innovation, study, and advancement in the world of nutritional products. Transfer Factor originally discovered by New York University researcher Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949. Dr. Lawrence, was highly credentialed in his field. His study provided the groundwork for one of the most significant wellness discoveries of our time—Transfer Factor.

In the early 1990s, 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee started a journey to better support his own body’s wellness. He had become frustrated with the results of many natural products. During his pursuit, he came across Transfer Factor research. David discovered firsthand the value of Transfer Factor in supporting overall wellness and vitality.

Because of the success he encountered with his own wellness from Transfer Factor, David presented this information to his wife Bianca. They knew this was something that had the power to change the lives of thousands of people. In 1998, David and Bianca launched 4Life Research™ and introduced the first 4Life product: 4Life Transfer Factor® Classic.

The 4Life story began with an unparalleled commitment to innovation and support for unrivaled wellness. And it will undoubtedly continue with new products, patents, and cutting-edge advancements.

Timeline of 4Life’s Scientific Success



Early 1990s—David Lisonbee begins his personal quest for optimal wellness support.

1997—David unearths research on Transfer Factor.


1998—David and Bianca Lisonbee harness decades of research to introduce 4Life Transfer Factor® to the world through network marketing.

1999—4Life advances Transfer Factor technology to produce the first 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® product formulation.

2002—4Life launches the first Targeted Transfer Factor™ product.


2004—4Life introduces the 4Life Transfer Factor® Advanced Formula products

2004—The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences releases a letter encouraging health care professionals in Russia to use 4Life Transfer Factor products in their protocols.


2005—4Life launches 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida®.

2006—David Lisonbee receives the Russian I.N. Blokhina award in honor of his commitment to transfer factor research, patents, and innovative production methods.

2006—David Lisonbee receives the Russian I.N. Blokhina award in honor of his commitment to Transfer Factor research, patents, and innovative production methods.

2007—4Life introduces 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula.


2009—4Life launches 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst™ Tri-Factor® Formula.

2010—4Life introduces the sixth and seventh Targeted Transfer Factor products in the U.S.—4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime® and 4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™.

2011—4Life secures a U.S. composition patent for 4Life Transfer Factor® BCV™(U.S. Patent #7,815,943).


Meetings all over the World

Successo-4Life-Eventos 4Life meetings are a valuable way to learn more about the opportunity, increase your knowledge base about 4Life Transfer Factor® products, and gain indispensible prospecting strategies.

Distributors can take part in several different types of meetings, including: Conference Call Meetings, Rally Meetings, and Distributor Meetings. Find out what meetings are taking place in your area.


4Life is building people through Service

4Life is DEDICATED to improving the lives of people wherever we conduct business. Through Foundation 4Life®, executives, employees, and distributors all join hands in humanitarian efforts to build people in ways that could never be done alone.


With 4Life, you’re in Great Company

4Life is a top network marketing company with a Life Rewards Plan that offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. Our plan rewards both part-time and full-time business builders. Distributors can earn monthly commissions, infinity bonuses, Builder Bonus payments, and luxurious Great Escape trips to dream locations.



Team 4Life

Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who excel in their disciplines and endorse 4Life Transfer Factor® products. Your 2011-2012 team includes: the 2010 World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) Edgar Rentería, World Golf Hall of Famer Johnny MillerIan Baker-Finch, winner on all-four major golf tours and sixteen tournaments worldwide, and world-class power lifter Brady Stewart, and extreme distance runner and Ironman Triathlete Glenn Dobson.

Edgar Renteria


In 2010, Team 4Life member Edgar Rentería secured the World Series for the San Francisco Giants with a three-run homer in the seventh inning of game five. For his stellar performance, he was named the World Series MVP.

Rentería is a five-time All Star and two-time Gold Glove recipient. In the 1997 World Series, he had the game-winning hit for the Florida Marlins. He now plays as shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds.

“I take RiteStart® Men every morning and Energy Go Stix® before every game,” says Edgar Rentería. “I have achieved my dreams with professional baseball, and I want 4Life distributors to achieve their dreams with the 4Life opportunity.”

Glenn Dobson

Extreme Distance Runner & Ironman Triathlete


Glenn Dobson has raced in the United States, Canada, Korea, France, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Great Britain. In 2011, he competed in The Marathon Des Sables: a week long endurance race across 156 miles of the Sahara desert.

Three weeks later, he completed his 20th Ironman Triathlon and was selected for the Australian Triathlon team to race in the 2011 World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he represented Team 4Life and 4Life distributors around the world.

"Extreme distances require mental agility and products that enable me to push myself to the limit. I prefer NutraStart®, RiteStart®, Energy Go Stix®, and 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor.

Johnny Miller

World Golf Hall of Fame

Johnny Miller’s lifetime achievement in the sport of golf landed him in the World Golf Hall of Fame. His relationship with 4Life began at the PGA-Sponsored Champions Challenge where 4Life sponsored the Million Dollar Hole-in-One for five years running.

“You may be a hall of fame athlete, entrepreneur, or mother,” says Johnny Miller. “Regardless of your focus, 4Life Transfer Factor® is designed to help you improve your game.” 

Brady Stewart

USA Powerlifting Bench Press Record Holder


As the youngest member of Team 4Life, 28-year old Brady Stewart comes from a small town in southern Illinois, but has always had big-time athletic goals.

In 2009, he competed at the IPF Bench Press World Championships and was the first alternate to the 2011 U.S. World Bench Press team. In 2011, Brady broke the USA Powerlifting American Bench Press Record in the 242-pound weight class and shattered the existing record by 37.5 lbs., pressing 617.3 lbs. on his first attempt. He broke this record while taking 4Life supplements.

“I approach training with a progress and results-driven mentality,” says Brady Stewart. “Top performance takes time. I take 4Life products because I get the results I'm looking for.”

Ian Baker Finch

Team-4Life-Ian-Baker-FinchWinner of all four Major Golf Tours

Now a CBS sports broadcaster, Ian Baker-Finch enjoys a rich legacy of superior athletic performance. He was the winner on all four major tours and enjoys 16 professional wins, including two PGA Tours and a British Open.

“I’m uncompromising when it comes to what I put in my body, both on and off the course,” says Ian Baker-Finch. “That’s why I supplement with 4Life Transfer Factor® on game day and every day.”