First Wave Oil-to-Foam Cleanser

  3.4 fl oz (100 ml)
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3.4 fl oz (100 ml)


As the first step in your skincare ritual, this cleanser offers a fresh start. Its gentle oils lift away debris before transforming into a foaming cleanser. Splash with water for a perfectly pristine and pleasantly soft finish.

Fermented green tea water and sea water are combined for a refreshing and effective cleanse; rice ferment refines pores and provides nourishing and skin-smoothing enzymes to moisturize and purify your complexion.

Main Features

• Combines fermented green tea water and sea water for a refreshing and effective two-phase cleanser

• Refines pores with rice ferment and moisturizes and purifies your complexion with nourishing and skin-smoothing enzymes

• Provides a vegan formula that lifts away debris before transforming into a foaming cleanser

Key Ingredients

Fermented green tea water (Camellia sinensis leaf water/Saccharomyces ferment) is cultivated in the Boseong region of Korea, an area renowned for possessing Korea’s largest tea fields due to its perfect soil and climatic conditions. Tea fermentation has a long and rich history in this region, creating fermented tea water through a two-phase process using traditional natural and lactic acid fermentation techniques to yield the finest result for more potent ingredient levels. With a broad array of benefits, fermented green tea water cleanses, moisturizes, brightens, firms, and sustains skin in the face of various daily challenges.

Sea water creates luscious, silky bubbles and refreshes and soothes delicate skin around the eyes by retaining critical moisture.

Rice ferment extract sustains skin, moisturizes for a smoother texture, and promotes surface elasticity and brightness.

Pumpkin fruit extract helps create a polished, pristine-looking skin surface by settling and brightening the skin.

Directions for Use

Lightly massage one to two pumps onto dry skin, covering your entire face and taking care to avoid getting product into eyes. Add room temperature water, lather up, and rinse. Pat dry. Cleanse twice a day, morning and evening. Follow with Glacier Glow Four-Way Toner.