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4Life transfer factor Europe. 

This page is not intended to encourage you to join 4Life or to join 4Life in our Network. We just want to give some information about the 4Life multilevel and the advantage to join with us if you are thinking about joining 4Life. We recommend people to join any kind of Multilevel if they have time to spend and not to think that a multilevel is an opportunity to reach success or even an extra income in a easy and fast way, as many people propose. This page is the only intended to show the 4Life compensation plan and the advantages in join 4Life with us if you decide to take part at 4Life. Please read also in the section about Us the terms and use of our website.

In this page you’ll find useful information on becoming a 4Life distributor and the possible benefits in joining us. To became a distributor you’ll be required to enrol with 4Life and purchase a kit compass to the price of $ 25 USD or the equivalent in your local currency. In the compass you’ll find resourceful information about 4Life, an agenda and a block note to manage your schedules.


As a 4Life distributor you’ll be expected to be active and generate enough Life Points (LP) to stay in your rank, obviously the more the better, as a new distributor you’ll probably want to join as a leader and you’ll need to generate 100 Life Points. LP relates to cash value where 1LP=1USD. To be part of 4Life as leader you’ll have to generate no less than 100LP; however if you manage to generate more than 100 LP you’ll be entitled to a bonus of 25% of the generated revenue above the 100 LP mark.

You can also join 4Life as an associate, an associate enjoys a lower rank than a leader and smaller bonuses but needs to generate only 50 LP a month. An associate does not get bonus for the personal point generated each month, but only for the point his network is making each month.

As a member of 4Life community you’ll be able to enrol new distributors and customers so that you may build your own network and get a quick reward over their activity in fact you’ll get a 25% of the LP from their first buy and once three distributors enrolled by you generate 100 LP each for two consecutive month you’ll be entitled to the Bono power pool bonus.


As your network of distributors and customers grows it is divided into “line” where the first line comprehends those directly enrolled by yourself; the second line includes those distributors enrolled by members of the first line, and so on.

The following illustrate the reward you get from the sale made by your network. You’ll earn a 2% out your first line activity; 25% of the second line activity up to 100 LP and 5% thereafter; 5% of the activity registered by your third line up to their first 100LP .

Out of the customer you enrol you will also get 25% of your first line customers shopping; the 2% from your second line and the 5% out of the first 100 LP of your third line customer.


Once you have gone up in ranks and reached the diamond rank you’ll also earn a flat 6% from both your customers and distributors activity in all the levels following your third level and also in the third level out of the first 100LP.

Please do be aware that if you prefer to enrol as new distributors with the associate rank and not as leader you’ll only get reward in the first and second line. Also you won't get any bonus for your personal points.


For further information on how to choose your rank please watch the video.

Advantages to join 4Life with our team:


We train all our distributors with years of experience in the business. We often run virtual conferences in webinar for our distributors. Once you join our team you’ll receive training, tutorials and help to deal with your needs and answering your questions. We will train you by skype on how to answer emails and enrol new 4Life clients.

By joining Buy&Sell 4Life you can advertise yourself and your media on our web pages and find yourself in a better position to get noticed and expand your business and network locally as internationally. Buy&Sell 4Life currently advertise on Google as our target is to expand worldwide to create a network of distributors that share the same motivation and determination to succeed. As 4Life products are booming all over the world you’ll find relatively easy to get started.

We are expert in advertising, build website, blogs, publicity with google, facebook.

We share files using Dropbox and so for you it would be easy to get information on how to expand your network marketing in other countries. In same countries where 4Life is still an emergent opportunity having get this information could be very difficult. We share in this way fliers, tutorial, presentations of the business files, useful files, and all kind of information

We train yourself for the use of programs such as outlook useful to send emails in a professional and much faster way. We have also a sharing database to make this process easier.

By join 4Life with us, You increase your power to expand your network by take the advantages and the strength of our team. We are combining all the old skills that every network marketer has to hold with internet and technology.

We train yourself daily to improve your network skills by using skype and sharing screen, and give you our support working as a team.

We can train you on how to make a blog.

For distributors with computer advanced we can cooperate with and help to make a website.

Our website is a international so you can find in a better position to expand your business.

SEO (Search Engine optimization) Help and following up: For people who think to build a website, after they have made it, we will cooperate in this aspect (improve your position in google).

You can affiliate private owned shop to 4life community and still offer the same service to them in terms of advertising and promoting them over the web.


One of the most important reason to join 4Life is the top quality of the products and the vibrant team atmosphere, in our team you’ll not be a number but a member and your question and remarks will be appreciated.

For any doubts you’ll be more than welcome us to contact us.