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Terms of use for our 4life transfer factor Distributors

Terms of use for our 4life transfer factor Distributors

ours-4life-distributors-transfer-factorTo an active distributor who joins our Network (which means that he must be a front line distributor of a distributor belonging to our line and to our website) Buy&Sell 4Life offers the advantage of staying in our website in the section “Contact Us”. Our website is always trying to get an organic better position in search engines and Buy&Sell 4Life advertises in search Engines.

Those distributors trained by us, they may enjoy more extra advantages. To know more about it, read our section “Join our 4Life Network”.

The distributors of our Network have the only right to stay in our contact section of their country. A distributor loses this right if he hasn’t been active on the previous month or if he doesn’t hold the rank of Leader or higher.

Buy&Sell 4Life may decide for distributors who weren’t active on the previous month, to stay the following month on the page.

The most active distributors in our website can hold more chance to expand their own network. Example: distributors who can answer the phone during the day or who can attend users over the chat or can let us show your landline in the website. Although, we cannot guarantee that from your network, you will reach success or even an extra income.

Distributors who have recently join our 4Life Network, normally have support from their UpLine distributors. This happens for the nature of the multilevel business, because the distributors has got interest in their training and in teaching them how to progress in the multivel strategies. Buy&Sell 4Life anyway cannot guarantee that you will receive full and satisfactory training from one of your UpLine. Example: a new distributor who doesn’t have much time each day to train himself and find their UpLine distributors busy in his free day time.

A new distributor but also every distributor has to find his own way and strategy to build and increase the volume of his 4Life Network and consider Buy&Sell 4Life as a Web Hub that doesn’t have responsibility for the success or the future of his network.

It is under responsibility of each distributor to check that his contact is present in our section "Contact Us" and check that his own personal details are correct.