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4Life Distributor- About BuyAndSell 4Life (Transfer Factor distributor)

About BuyAndSell 4Life (Transfer Factor distributors)

Buy&Sell 4Life is a group of official 4Life distributors. You can check in the contact section our 4Life identification as garranty.

Through our website we run three activities:

First activity

Selling 4Life natural supplements.

The sale can be made in different ways:

a) The users can get in touch to our distributors in our section “Contact Us”. In this case the user is using to contact a distributor and our website is working as a internet portal where the user can feel free to ask information or to buy with one of our distributor. Buy&Sell 4Life doesn’t take part to the purchasing that the user arranges with the distributor and we don’t take the legal responsibility for any inconvenience that could happen. If there is any inconvenience you can contact the administration that can try to solve the problem. We recommend, in this kind of purchase, to buy the products by personal collection.

b) Direct sell through our section “Buy Products”. In this case Buy&Sell 4Life guaranties that you will receive the products you have ordered.

The user has to buy the products in the same country he wants that the product has to be delivered. If by mistake he buy the products in a different country, we will refund the whole amount ( in the same currency) (In this case BuyAndSell 4Life does not have any responsibility for the exchange rate applied from the user bank).

c) Buy in 4Life offices. To buy in 4Life offices you need to use a 4Life ID. So in this case we offer two options: if you don’t want to affiliate at 4Life, you can barrow our 4Life code (it is legal for the 4Life norms) and we will explain you how to buy in 4Life offices. Many users select our section “Enroll and Forms” to affiliate at 4Life.You are not required to sign any contract or buy any product and it is free to join 4Life as a simple buyer (preferential customer). In Buy&Sell 4Life, after communicating with 4Life and getting the preferential customer (Buyer) code, we normally give you an extra service: we forward a tutorial on how to use your code. Normally you can buy by phone using credit card. In certain cases the 4Life products sale is carried out from official distributor centres (and we provide you a list for your country). There are cases in which 4Life accepts also a bank transfer or personal collection. Join 4Life through our website you can relay any time on our assistance and service.

Second activity

In Buy&Sell 4Life, the administration and the enrolled distributors give assistance to users who need to know more about 4Life organisation and how to buy products. We often recommend the 4Life support for special assistance and we provide 4Life official catalogues, so the user can choose the supplements that he needs. In certain case we provide the profile sheet of the products the user thinks to buy. We advice distributors not to prescribe any 4Life supplements for any kind of disease. 4Life products are supplement and are not designed for a specific disease. We recommend them to respect 4Life norms.

We do not advice or suggest on what product to use for any specific disease. Once you get in contact with a Distributor, Buy&Sell 4Life has fill in your need to make you reach a distributor but doesn’t have any responsibility for any inconvenience you may have with the distributor.  We only recommend you to report the fact to Buy&Sell 4Life administration to improve our service and we apologise. Buy&Sell 4Life in this case has the use of a web portal.

Third activity

We provide more information to all those people who want to know more about the 4Life multilevel. We offer the website service to our distributors, the chance to advertise themselves on our section “Contact Us” and find yourself in a better position to get noticed and expand your business and network locally as internationally. Buy&Sell 4Life currently advertise on Searching Engines and tries also to get an organic position in searching engines. Because all the active distributors can stay in our website, and in this way our website is working as an internet hub, we cannot guarantee to our users a total satisfaction after having had a contact with one of our distributors. We try to train our distributors but they are independent distributors. For any inconvenience you can contact Buy&Sell 4Life administration only for improving our service and you can report the distributor directly to 4Life. Distributors in our website have signed a contract with 4Life but have not signed any contract with Buy&Sell 4Life.

Buy&Sell 4Life offers a various number of advantages if you want to join 4Life taking part of our Network. You can find much information about that in our page “Join our Network”.