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4Life Carb BLX TM Control de Peso (Shaperite)

Carb BLX TM 4Life

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To help ease the “weighty” effects of fatty and starchy foods, 4Life offers Carb BLX, an effective carbohydrate-blocking product that supports your weight management efforts. It includes ingredients that help your body successfully use the nutrients you consume and maintain a healthy shape.

Product karakteristieken 

Supports the healthy breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates. 
• Includes ingredients that help prevent the breakdown and absorption of fat in the body 
• Promotes the body's natural fat-burning ability

Product details  

Carb BLX includes the ingredient cassia noname, a plant extract shown to support a healthy body. 
• Green Tea contains polyphenols and flavonols for added antioxidant nutrition. 

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Enkele Items: (60 capsules)  19.95 EURO (+BTW) [21.15 EURO]

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