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Optimise your body with PRO-TF™ protein and live a youthful vibrant life! Every serving of PRO-TF™ provides 10 grams of the most advanced and effective protein available to help you transform your body, optimise performance, and promote health.* PRO-TF includes a critically essential protein source for your body plus 600 mg of the exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor® in every serving.* 

• Supports fat burning, muscle building and muscle protection*
• Includes a critically essential protein source for your body PLUS 600 mg of 4life Transfer Factor® in each recommended serving!*
• Is university tested 

Who can benefit from PRO-TF™ Protein? Everyone can! Just name your goal!
• Maintain a healthy weight*
• Build or maintain muscle mass*
• Improve sports performance and recovery*
• Increase strength*
• Bolster immune system health*
• Support healthy glucose levels and appetite*
• Look and feel great!

Product Features

• Is gluten-free and contains zero grams of lactose!
• Features highly concentrated, ultra-absorbable, and easily digestible PRO-TF™ Protein Blend – with low molecular weight (high DH) extensively hydrolyzed protein
• Only 293Kj per serving
• Provides over 4,900 mg of essential amino acids (EAAs) and over 2,350 mg of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)
• Supports increased sports performance and recovery
• Offers a more comprehensive amino acid profile than whey protein alone, or soy, pea or casein protein 

PRO-TF™ has been independently and university-tested!

Did you know? 

Protein is an essential component for life. They are found throughout the body, with over 40% of body protein found in skeletal muscle, over 25% found in body organs, and the rest found mostly in the skin and body. (Gropper et al, 2013) 

Including protein in each meal will help you feel fuller and maintain a healthy weight. PRO-TF provides a great source of protein to meet your daily needs and contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Even if you’re getting older and want to tone up, this high-quality protein source can contribute to the growth of muscle mass and support the maintenance of muscle mass.

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